With regular updates, Travel PR News Hub (TPRNH) is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest Public Relations information from the travel trade.

TPRNH is a website that acts as a valuable news and information resource for:

Travel Publications

Editors and writers can use the website to see press releases from the trade that make announcements about new products and services. If there is a disaster in an area of the world frequented by travellers or a region has challenges that requires information or news we will publish what we can in our Alerts. There will also be editorial features and opinions from experts in the industry.

Travel Trade

Travel organisations, travel agents and tour operators benefit from knowing the latest about what’s available in the way of products and services. There will be useful information on tours, hotels, airlines, destinations and travel trends.

Independent Travellers

Today – travellers have the means, know-how and independence to create their own itineraries and so TPRNH is a way to see what is available to book or investigate further, as an option for a trip.

Richard Forsyth - Editor
Richard Forsyth – Editor

Who Is Behind This? 

Richard Forsyth lives in the UK and has edited two international travel trade publications, managed social media for a European travel company and is working in a PR capacity for a number of companies.

Want To Submit A Press Release?

If you are in the travel trade and have a press release you would like to publish, please send it to us. We will review it and may publish it free of charge.

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