5 Countries to Resettle in as an Expat

infographic-finalExpats make up just over 3% of the total global population and can be found all over the world. When travelling is just not enough and you want a complete change of scenery and lifestyle, check out this infographic by Expacare, which shows five amazing countries you may not have considered as options to call your new home.

Whether you are seeking out a change of pace, or want good weather all year round, the countries of South Africa, Mauritius, Montenegro, Dubai and Slovenia have been identified as great locations to resettle within.

The infographic includes statistics from a recent HSBC report providing a comprehensive overview of what drives the expats of today.

Surprising stats revealed in the infographic include the fact that expats are no longer mostly men moving for work, in fact 44% of expats are women.

Changes in landscape and culture

Not only can local cultures and customs vary hugely across the continents, laws can also be very different from country to country, so if you are considering a big move then make sure you do your research.

Specifically, when preparing for a country relocation don’t forget to plan for insurance. Health insurance should be a top priority, wherever you are moving to.

Options for the right cover

Dealing with injury or illness is hard enough without also having to wrestle with unfamiliar surroundings, language barriers and complicated admin requirements.

Expacare have designed The Choices international health insurance plans for individuals and families who are working and living abroad, with a range of cover options to choose from for peace of mind.

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