Retired ravers flock to Ibiza with their families


Press Release: Well known as a clubbers’ paradise and a place you can rub shoulders with many an A-list celebrity, Ibiza has become increasingly popular with families in recent years. New data published by compared bookings for the first half of each of the last three years – and the results from 2013 -2016 show a significant increase of 125%.

Repeat visits to the island from seasoned partygoers have long helped to sustain the growth of Ibiza’s tourist industry. As an increasing number of Ibiza veterans start their own families, the White Isle remains a popular choice for middle-aged clubbers and their children.

There has been an upturn in the number of child-friendly activities offered within Ibiza over recent years, as many hotels adapt to meet the growing demand from families. One such hotel is the Holiday Village Seaview Ibiza, whose on-site waterpark has been voted as the best in Spain. There also continues to be a greater range of luxury accommodation available for families, with highly the acclaimed Sensatori resorts collection recently coming to the island.

Holiday Hypermarket representative Ian Crawford says, “While Ibiza continues to stand out as a leading clubbing holiday destination its clear the dynamic of the island has evolved with more families coming year on year. What makes Ibiza different is its wide range of stunning beaches, activities, restaurants, hotels and nightlife. There really is something for everyone.”

Childcare is also an important part of the attraction, with many resorts having UK-accredited child carers available.

Father of two Dom Makin has been coming to Ibiza since 1995 and says he never fails to have a great time, insisting it’s more child friendly than one might expect. “Ibiza gives you the best of both worlds,” he explains. “Late night clubs have been replaced by quality dinners out and a few cocktails. Having professional childcare on tap enables my wife and I to have some down time to ourselves while the kids really enjoy interaction with other children and all the organised fun that goes with it.”


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