Tea with the Butterflies


PRESS RELEASE: Exhibition Hub and Perlage Grandi Eventi are proud to present, with the collaboration of the city of Knokke-Heist, for the first time in Belgium, Tea with the Butterflies, opening on July 8, and running until September 25. At the height of summer, Tea with the Butterflies will allow visitors to experience a unique event: a venue where they can enjoy their favourite drink, surrounded by hundreds of flying butterflies.

Encircled by exotic plants and butterflies, visitors will be able to admire species that live all around the world, from the Blue Morpho butterfly to the Owl Butterfly. The elegant cafe surroundings encourage visitors to relax and enjoy their beverage of choice, including tea, coffee, soft drinks, juice, glass of wine, champagne or fine Belgium beer.

“This summer, Knokke-Heist is proud to welcome, after Rome and Florence, this unique event. It’s an original and stylish concept that our visitors will undoubtedly love”, said Anthony Wittesaele, alderman for tourism in Knokke-Heist.

Tea with the Butterflies is designed to recreate an ecosystem that perfectly suits the needs of these ephemeral beings. Butterflies are delicate creatures and very sensitive to climate change, which is why the scientific management of Tea with the Butterflies has been entrusted to the entomologist Laurian Parmentier, a researcher at the University of Ghent.

After the success of Tea with the Butterflies in Rome and Florence, visitors of Knokke-Heist are not only invited to enjoy a drink, but to also learn about the fascinating life cycle of butterflies, and the need to protect these little creatures, as the destruction of their habitat and increasing air pollution makes them particularly vulnerable.

Mayor Leopold Lippens: “Knokke-Heist has been supplying efforts in various fields for years in order to stimulate biodiversity. Tea with the Butterflies makes people aware that we need to deal carefully with nature and the environment, which fits perfectly with our vision.”

Tea with the Butterflies is open daily from 10:00, from July 8 until September 25 2016, and located at Knokke-Heist – From Wandelaar – Duinbergen (on the dam, 300m from the Casino).

The entrance fee (from € 8) includes access to the event and one free drink. Decreasing input prices will be offered for groups. Any additional drink will be charged at the price listed on the menu.

Blue Morpho

Press opening: Thursday, July 7 at 13:30


Contact: Mario Iacampo – Exhibition Hub – mario@exhibitionhub.com

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