Go Now! Six Places to See Before They Change Forever

Cuba has style


Feature: We all have a wish list of places we’d love to visit one day. Luxury tour operator Exsus has picked half a dozen destinations that should be fast-tracked to the top though and made a priority right now, whether it’s a once hard-to-reach location that’s recently opened up to travellers, such as Myanmar or Cuba, a comeback country like Sri Lanka or a hidden gem that’s gradually revealing its treasures to the world, like Sicily, Namibia and Costa Rica. Exsus has rounded up the reasons to travel to places that should be experienced now, while they’re still quiet, very affordable or under the radar and then picked two perfect ways to see each destination, before they change forever.

Destinations chosen include:


Open to travellers at last Myanmar has arrived. The South-East Asian nation is opening up to democracy and also to wide-eyed visitors, who are keen to discover its ethereal pagodas, wild landscapes, sweeping Irrawaddy and Chindwin Rivers, which you can glide down on exciting new river cruises, and beguiling floating gardens on glassy Lake Inle. Our advice? See it now!


Authentic Italy without the crowds. For a taste of yesteryear Italy, Sicily, one of the country’s best kept secrets, is the place to go. New flights with British Airways from April make it easier to reach this striking island laden with influences from the Greeks, Romans, Arabians and Normans (Sicily proudly wields six UNESCO World Heritage Sites), as well as natural wonders like majestic Mount Etna and golden ribbons of coastline.


Time running out to see this time-warped treasure. We’re not the first to champion visiting Cuba before it changes, but we must stress that time is of the essence. US-Cuban relations are thawing, and in a matter of months the face of this beguiling Caribbean island will change forever. If you want to experience the raw Cuba, with its crumbling colonial splendour and decidedly unique culture, we say salsa your way there now.

Sri Lanka

Reclaiming its reputation as an Indian Ocean gem. With the civil war behind it and having recovered from the tsunami, Sri Lanka’s bright future is finally here. And this Indian Ocean island certainly packs a punch when it comes to luxury travel, with a string of new boutique hotels opening up in 2016, amazing wildlife spotting opportunities, and tantalising cultural highlights – including temples, colonial towns and lip-smacking cuisine.


Superb value alternative safaris. The landscapes of Namibia are an impressive assortment of epic dunes, volcanic mountains and vast desert, home to an overwhelming variety of wildlife. And yet it’s a lesser-known safari destination, so you can expect mind-blowing wildlife experiences, as well as extraordinary boutique lodgings in the glorious middle-of-nowhere. With the local currency currently weak against the pound, it’s also excellent value for money.

Costa Rica

About to become a lot more accessible. Although it’s much less off-the-beaten-track these days, Costa Rica wears its celebrity well and remains relatively inaccessible. From April, however, a new direct flight with British Airways will shave hours off your journey, bringing you closer to Tortuguero for turtle-watching, to the Nicoya Peninsula’s virgin beaches, and to the eco-lodges of the Osa Peninsula, reached only by boat.

For further media information and images, contact: Emma Douty: | emma.douty@exsus.com | http://www.exsus.com

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