A Unique Foodie Guide to Idaho

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PRESS RELEASE: There’s more to Idaho’s culinary culture than the humble potato, its most famous food export. From regional produce and finger steaks to the much-loved Idaho trout and hand-crafted chocolates, there’s certainly no shortage of scrumptious eats when you visit Idaho.

Here are our top 5 Idaho picks:

1. Basque Food: Croquetas and Paella
Extraordinarily, there is a strong Basque influence in Idaho and this can be seen in the food too. “Croquetas” are bite size delights made of fried breadcrumb, filled with meat, cheese, fish or potatoes and traditional paellas are rich with saffron, chicken, seafood, chorizo and other seasonings. Head to the Basque Market in Boise to try these delights accompanied by a glass of red wine for the perfect lunch combination.

2. Idaho Sturgeon Caviar 
The Thousand Springs Area in Southern Idaho is famous for having the largest concentration of crystal clear spring waters in the world, favourable conditions to guarantee a high quality of fish. Located near Hagerman, the Fish Breeders of Idaho are responsible for the production of the Idaho White Sturgeon Caviar, also known as The American Beluga – caviar celebrated for its superior flavour and texture.

3. Habanero Pizza
Flying Pie Pizzeria owes its reputation to the Habanero Pizza, also featured in the US TV Show “Man vs. Food”. Only real adventure seekers should give this fire-hot pizza, covered in fresh habanero peppers sourced from the Yucatan Peninsula in Southern Mexico a try!

4. Huckleberry Delights
The Huckleberry has been designated as Idaho’s State Fruit since 2000. With several species of this fruit being native to the area, these tasty blue-purplish berries are the secret ingredients to many desserts in Idaho. Try them in delicate syrups, ice creams or fresh from the mountains to experience their remarkably sweet flavour.

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5. Idaho Ice Cream Potato
Chef Lou’s very own “Idaho Ice Cream Potato” is a juicy creation made of vanilla ice cream, covered with cocoa and topped with whipped cream, all served into the shape of a potato. The Westside Drive-In in Boise is famous for this bizarre creation, but you can also spot it in local fairs and festivals, especially in the warmer months.

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Notes to Editors
Idaho is ideal for family travellers, outdoor enthusiasts, adventure seekers, or those just looking for a relaxing getaway.  A year-round destination, wherever you choose to explore in this magnificent state, you will find spectacular scenery, fun things to do and friendly, helpful people. You will also find a place that is unhurried, unspoiled and unassuming.  Adjacent to Washington and Oregon in the Pacific Northwest, Idaho stretches from the top of Nevada and Utah to the Canadian border.  The beautiful state has a variety of landscapes – from forests to desert and rugged mountains to broad farmlands.

Over 30 Scenic Byways across the state pave the way to adventure. Idaho offers unspoiled nature, white-water rafting, ranching experiences, Native American culture, biking, golf and wineries, spring through fall.  Winter offers mountain sports with blue skies, sunshine and powder snow in a variety of destination resorts including Sun Valley. Powwows, rodeos, cultural celebrations and festivals fill the calendar with a variety of interesting choices.

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