Interview with the Director of Saami Snow

Gavin Samwell in his own design of ski jacket

PRESS FEATURE: As a former ski instructor and someone who spent a lot of time on the mountains, Gavin Samwell came to the conclusion one day that he could make a jacket for the mountain as good as anyone else. Now as Director of the company Saami Snow he has put his money where his mouth is and has a Men’s ski and snowboarding jacket that has picked up some great reviews from magazine product testers.

Q: How did your business come about?

A: The idea to make our own snowboard and ski wear came from a conversation with ski instructors in a lodge one night whilst in Canada, sitting around a fire. I looked at the ski jackets and thought confidently – that I could make a better one, a more cost effective and well-designed one. I decided I had to give it a go.

Q: Why did you call your brand Saami Snow?

A: The name of our brand came easy. My father lived in Finland for a period and it was minus forty degrees when we went outside. I remember it hurt to breathe through my nose as my nostrils were literally freezing and my chest hurt when I breathed through my mouth. I was told about the Saami people who lived in those conditions and herded reindeer. They knew how to cope and function in extreme cold better than anyone. It seemed the perfect fit for a brand of snow wear.

Q: Did you do a lot of research into design?

 A: I almost became obsessive about it and realised some of the mistakes that existing jackets had made in design. It was fascinating – I literally looked at the jackets in microscopic detail to see how they were created. Apart from the art of breathable insulation, I realised that pockets would be too small or big on some jackets or in the wrong place and all this research began to funnel down into the design of the Saami Snow jacket.

Q: You only sell online – why?

A: Firstly, eBay reviews were wonderful for customer endorsements. With our website, I want to make sure that I have all the information about our products on there and how they work but also I intend to explain what you need to wear in addition and why – so this is a complete guide to how to prepare for skiing and snowboarding in cold and wet conditions. We don’t want to hide anything about our design or about how best to complement our gear for the mountain. We cut out a lot of costs and middlemen by selling direct online so we pass on the saving to the customer. This is a quality jacket without the high price.

Q: What’s next?

A: Our main product is the men’s jacket and it has been all about focusing on the design and getting it right so people enjoying the mountain can stay up there for longer but we are going to bring out trousers next and we will expand our range and also bring out more colour options.

The Men’s jacket comes in black, blue and red.

More information on Saami Snow here:

For a reduced price jacket at £99.99, go here.


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