Chile Named “Leading Adventure Tourism Destination” in the World Travel Awards 2015

PRESS RELEASE: In a ceremony which took place in Bogota, Colombia, Chile was recognised as Latin America’s leading destination for adventure tourism in the 22nd edition of the World Travel Awards.
Since 1993, the World Travel Awards has been highlighting excellence across the industry and awarding the very best with prizes, which is one of the reasons why it’s known as “The Oscars of Tourism”. The offices of Marca País in Chile, together with the tourist authorities, launched a digital campaign that encouraged the general public to cast their votes. The objective was to position the country as an internationally recognised tourist destination.

Andrea Wolleter, General Manager of Turismo Chile: “This recognition, as well as having played host to the recent Adventure Travel World Summit, has made us proud, because it is, in part, the result of international promotions of Chile as a tourist destination in foreign markets; promotions which shared the possible experiences that can be enjoyed in our country”.

In the category for “South America’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination”, Chile was competing with important industry players including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay.

 A study undertaken by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) reveals that this niche tourism market moves £175 billion (US $263 billion) a year and that the average trip lasts nine days, generating a daily expenditure of £318 (US $477), not including flight tickets.
Chile places importance on the promotion of sustainable tourism and hosted the ATTA Adventure Travel World Summit in the city of Puerto Varas, on the edge of Lake Llanquihue. Further development is set to take place within Chile’s adventure tourism offering, taking full advantage of areas from the Atacama Desert to Patagonia in the extreme austral region.
About Chile
Chile is a long, narrow country that extends from the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Ocean on the southwest side of South America, from latitude 17° 30′ S in the Altiplano to 56° 30′ S at the far end of continental Chile and 90° S in its Antarctic territory. It has a unique geography as its territory includes Easter Island, in Polynesia, 3,700 km from the mainland, as well as territory in Antarctica (Chile Antártico, 1,250,000 km2). Continental and insular Chile, which includes the mainland and offshore islands and archipelagos, covers 756,096 km2. Chile’s main territory is roughly twice the size of Germany and consists of a strip of land 4,200 km long and 90 to 440 km wide. Santiago is the country’s capital and largest city in terms of population and employment, with 6,061,185 inhabitants as of the 2002 census. Located on parallel 33° S, at roughly the same latitude as Buenos Aires and Montevideo, Santiago is the country’s main political, economic, cultural and industrial center. It is the gateway to Chile and one of the most modern capital cities on the continent.
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