New Travel Report Reveals 47% of Consumers Use the Telephone To Book Their Holidays.

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PRESS RELEASE: Milton Keynes, UK: Using telephone call data could give  struggling travel providers the edge over competitors.
A telephone call is a pivotal step in the holiday booking process, a new report into UK Holiday Planning and Booking Trends by call tracking company Mediahawk reveals.
It seems that the art of conversation is not lost in the digital age after all. The research found that nearly half of us (47%) prefer to call a business with a question before going on to book our holidays.
Key trends identified include:
Men more likely to call
The survey also discovered who among us most enjoys picking up the phone. Men are much more likely to call a travel provider than women, while the 55+ age group were both more likely to book by phone and spend more, with over half (52%) shelling out more than a grand on their last break.
Consumers engage with up to 8 pieces of marketing before booking.
In the lead up to booking, data analysis suggests that respondents engaged with up to eight marketing touchpoints, including both online and offline channels like paid ads, holiday brochures, brand website, reviews sites and the telephone.
With more travel providers taking their advertising online to combat the complexity of purchase behaviour, this has ramped up competition and ad spend is outstripping growth. However this report reveals innovative tricks and tactics that struggling travel marketers can employ to make a profitable return and convert more enquiries.
Michael Morrell, Mediahawk’s CEO said “for a travel provider, getting a prospect on the phone not only helps to ease them through the booking process, but it’s also a valuable opportunity to upsell other services or features. We’re finding that more and more of our travel clients get much better insight about their prospects’ behaviour by tracking their telephone response and then feeding their data back into their CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software). Phone call data fills in previously unknown details about the consumer journey”.
In a world where businesses are pumping more and more budget into online marketing, travel marketers could find that the telephone is a source for their most profitable leads and bookings.
About Mediahawk
Mediahawk is a market leading telephone call tracking business. Founded in 2002, it continually monitors the telephone effectiveness of thousands of marketing campaigns for travel companies such as Goodwood, The Caravan Club, English Lakes and Discover the World, as well as many other companies in different sectors such as Porsche, Travis Perkins, Lighthouse Healthcare, Kia UK, Inchcape Retail and at least 20% of the top 100 Automotive groups in the UK.
Mediahawk is at the forefront of enabling marketers to be more effective with their telephone response. Their reporting capability has sped up the dramatic shift of classified advertising from traditional media to the online space.
Report Methodology
The UK Holiday Planning and Booking Trends Report was compiled by asking 1,500 respondents about how they planned and booked their holiday in the last twelve months. Respondents were asked ten questions about their destination, methods they used to plan their trips, how much they spent and how they rated their customer experience. Mediahawk then analysed the results and produced this report.
For further enquiries, please contact Zoe-Lee Skelton

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