Update on France

Paris, where the terror attacks shocked the world
ALERT: On Friday 13 November, a number of terrorist incidents took place in Paris. This has led to a number of precautionary travel measures around the world.
For the UK – the Foreign and Commonwealth Office recommends that British schools planning to take groups to France between now and 29 November follow the updated French Ministry of Education’s advice not to travel to the Ile-de-France region (including the metropolitan area of Paris); the French Ministry of Education has stated that journeys travelling through the Ile-de-France region but not stopping are permitted, and that trips to the rest of France are now allowed.
In France a national state of emergency has been declared for 3 months. Public gatherings, flying drones and the use of fireworks in the Ile de France region (Paris and surrounding area) are prohibited.
In Belgium the latest update is the metro network is partially reopened. However, the Belgian government announced Brussels will remain at the highest state of alert for terrorism until 30 November and asks people to remain vigilant.
The USA is alerting all its citizens that they should be aware of potential threats abroad and when travelling – especially when in large groups and gatherings.

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