TOP 5 Destinations for 2016

Beaches in Indonesia
PRESS RELEASE: The Exsus Hot list.  From hidden gems to long-time classics, the Exsus experts have the inside track on the Top Five destinations for 2016. It might be by foot, on-board a junkboat or inside a specialist glacier 4×4, but these countries, nestled in the far corners of the world, are more accessible than ever before.
Number One: Indonesia
In a country where volcanoes battle ancient temples for control of the impressive landscape, Indonesia, an Exsus favourite, is graced with a mind-blowing archipelago of more than 17,000 islands, featuring pristine beaches, fantastic wildlife and some of the best surfing in the world. With the breath-taking views over mist-covered peaks and sun-drenched stupas in Java, the unparalleled opulence of the beachfront hotels in Bali and Lombok and the sultry kaleidoscope of vibrant culture, customs, and animals in Sumatra, Indonesia makes the top of our list for 2016.
Number Two: Iceland
An atlas of the imagination, veering between the painterly greens of the Northern Lights to the sapphiric blues of a glacier’s heart, Iceland presides over the world, marooned in its perennial beauty. A country of sharp contrasts – where dark winter’s day is chased by summer’s midnight sun – Iceland is expected to see an influx of tourists next year, thanks to the opening of Into the Glacier, a man-made ice cave in the Langjokull glacier. Whether getting up early to watch the dancing light show of the aurora borealis, following the footsteps of ancient Vikings on the Golden Circle, climbing across lava fields or simply relaxing in the bubbling blue lagoons, this Arctic wonderland will leave you mesmerized by its mystical splendour.
Number Three: Namibia
The vast white stretches of desert in the north conspire to form the largest chalky salt pan in Africa – unforgiving and yet utterly beautiful, Namibia is still relatively undiscovered, providing the perfect safari destination for 2016. In recent years, wildlife in Namibia has proliferated and it now boasts the largest population of black rhino and cheetah in the world. Travel through seas of rolling sand dunes, up the windswept Skeleton Coast, and across to the endless Etosha Pan to see the desert-adapted Big Five, watch the shifting sands and swirling mists around Namibia’s ghost towns and shipwrecks, and for a real adventure, take to the air to experience these hauntingly beautiful landscapes from above, as you fly over one of the most remote places on Earth.
Number Four: Colombia
A throwback to the days before mass tourism, Colombia continues to establish itself as one of the world’s top destinations. Packing the same cultural and scenic punch as its South American counterparts, Colombia is lucky in that it is blissfully unspoiled by the crowds. From the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to the dense Amazon rainforest near Leticia and the world-class beaches of the Tayrona National Park, reached by winding jungle trails, Colombia is a truly untapped gem. To really catch this country on parade, Exsus recommends the four-day hike through the forgotten mountains to the “Lost City”. Colombia’s answer to Machu Picchu – but 650 years older- Ciudad Perdida has remained a secret to the outside world for 400 years and now provides the ultimate off-the-beaten-track experience.
Number Five: USA National Parks
With the USA National Park Service celebrating its centenary in August 2016, the parks will see, over the next year, hiking enthusiasts lacing up their boots, avid photographers cleaning their lenses and sightseers preparing for the day’s adventure ahead. Whether setting foot on the much-beloved network of pathways through Yosemite Valley, gazing over the colossal gorge of the Grand Canyon, spotting the bison, elks, wolves or bears that roam the rugged landscape or walking up to the leading lady herself, the Statue of Liberty, applaud the efforts of the service that has maintained these world treasures since 1916.
For further media information:
Exsus comes from the Latin exsuscitare, meaning ‘to breathe life into’ or ‘to awaken’.
Exsus is a privately owned tour operator with over 16 years experience in arranging luxury, bespoke holidays to Australasia and the South Pacific, South America, the USA and Canada, Central America, Africa, South East Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and the Indian Ocean.
From luxury honeymoons to family adventure holidays, Exsus pride themselves on offering first-hand knowledge second to none. What’s more, Exsus only work with the very best hotels in the very best locations, using the very best local representatives.
The company is based out of headquarters in Baker Street in the heart of London, with a second office in New York and a third in Bangkok.

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