Moscow invites UK Tourism


PRESS RELEASE: Following the success of this year’s World Travel Market Moscow press conference, here are the key highlights for tourism to the region. The press conference saw key tourism figures from Moscow, St Petersberg and Kazan city discuss the variety of reasons to visit.  Each year, international travel to Moscow has been increasing and the Russian capital`s hospitality industry continues to flourish.

Moscow`s hotels are abundant, with a variety of options on offer, no matter the budget. The city boasts 273 hotels, 319 hostels and 203 mini hotels (as of August 2015), with the total number of room in the city amounting to almost 50,000. There are 27 international hotel chains in Moscow (Radisson Royal, Four Seasons, Holiday Inn and Intercontinental, just to name a few examples), totaling 39 properties and over 10,000 rooms.

With 3 state-of-the-art international airports, 9 railway stations and 10 inter-regional bus terminals, Moscow is Russia`s largest travel hub. Newly opened Aeroexpress system provides speedy and affordable access to the airports and is immensely popular with international visitors and locals alike.

Moscow has a wealth of cultural heritage and potential. The city hosts world renowned theatre and music festivals, ballet premieres and events such as the annual Circle of Light show which made it into the Guinness Book of Records in 2015. Moscow is home to more than 270 museums, 170 theatres as well as 3 UNESCO World heritage sites.

New infrastructure developments and modern day technology make getting it easy to get around the city. Travellers can keep track of what`s on with the Moscow Planner mobile app (available on Android and iOS). Event calendars are also shared on Viber, where Visit Moscow launched an official chat in spring this year (the first ever government body to do so). Thanks to the free WiFi access available in the Moscow Metro and public areas like parks, these apps can be downloaded and used on the go with ease.

In 2014, Moscow introduced a tourist police force, which is responsible for providing security and assisting visitors. The unit employs fluent foreign language speakers who have undergone special training. Tourists in Moscow are also welcome to use its official round-the-clock call-centre free of charge.

A uniquely cosmopolitan city, Moscow caters to all kinds of travellers and tastes, from world famous events to a myriad of restaurants and gastronomy festivals to satisfy devout foodies. The capital’s 400-plus modern parks and estates regularly hold fairs and fetes of their own, while design or fashion junkies will be spoilt for choice whatever the season they choose to visit.

The Official Moscow Guide (OMG) is one of a multitude of Moscow travel information sources. It contains information on the local tourism attractions and highlights, Moscow news, and address directory, interactive guidebooks and more.

The Department for Multicultural Policy, Interregional Cooperation and Tourism of Moscow is a functional executive body vested with the duty to conceive and implement government policy with regard to international relations, interregional cooperation and interaction with religious associations in the area of tourism and hospitality industry development.

For further information, please contact
Puja Khanna
Head of PR

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