Kick Back and Relax in Chile’s Natural Spa

Hotel Termas Puyuhapi
Hotel Termas Puyuhapi

PRESS RELEASE: World-class hot springs, thermal waters, hot rock massages and idyllic landscapes in Chile.

There is nothing more relaxing than a hot bath and southern Chile is home to the greatest concentration of hot springs in South America. The Health Route, or “Ruta de la Salud” is amongst the list of impressive hot springs. This is a 50-kilometer circuit where visitors will find numerous hot spring centres ranging from rustic to sophisticated. Some offer indoor pools and spas while others feature natural pools where the water flows directly from the ground. The route includes a wide variety of sites such as Termas Geométricas, Termas de Coñaripe, Termas Río Liquiñe, Centro Termal Liquiñe and Termas Vergara.

Hidden in the forest of Villarrica National Park 450 miles south of Santiago, Termas Geometricas is particularly notable as it has been awarded with a Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor. Visitors can regenerate their mind, body and soul in one of 16 open-air pools of hot spring waters connected by wooden walkways. Perfect for athletes and sports enthusiasts, the Termas de Malalcahuello, also in the Andean Araucanía, offers friction, vibration and tissue movement therapies that produce relaxing treatments.

In central Chile not too far from Santiago, you’ll find Termas de Jahuel, featuring indoor and outdoor thermal pools and a spa. Visitors can also relax at Termas de Quinamávida, near the border of the Biobío region, whose waters flow from curative springs discovered in 1876. Additional treatments include mud and clay massages and wine therapy.

A trip to Termas de Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa is the ideal natural getaway. Located on the infamous Carretera Austral, it features outdoor and covered hot springs, a natural pool and a fully equipped spa in an idyllic setting. These thermal waters have natural healing properties and allow visitors to completely disconnect from everyday life and discover the region of Aysén in Patagonia.

In northern Chile, head to the Termas de Puritama, very close to San Pedro de Atacama. These springs are located in a mountain enclave on the way to the El Tatio Geysers. Their eight pools are filled with water that is naturally heated to 32ºC, dressing rooms, and wooden walkways.


About Chile
Chile is a long, narrow country that extends from the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Ocean on the southwest side of South America, from latitude 17° 30′ S in the Altiplano to 56° 30′ S at the far end of continental Chile and 90° S in its Antarctic territory. It has a unique geography as its territory includes Easter Island, in Polynesia, 3,700 km from the mainland, as well as territory in Antarctica (Chile Antártico, 1,250,000 km2). Continental and insular Chile, which includes the mainland and offshore islands and archipelagos, covers 756,096 km2. Chile’s main territory is roughly twice the size of Germany and consists of a strip of land 4,200 km long and 90 to 440 km wide. Santiago is the country’s capital and largest city in terms of population and employment, with 6,061,185 inhabitants as of the 2002 census. Located on parallel 33° S, at roughly the same latitude as Buenos Aires and Montevideo, Santiago is the country’s main political, economic, cultural and industrial center. It is the gateway to Chile and one of the most modern capital cities on the continent.

More information about Chile:

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