Hawai‘i’s Hidden Gems

Perfect views
Perfect views

PRESS RELEASE: Hawai‘i is full of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. From secret beaches concealed by leaping waves to delicious local food specialities, there are hundreds of treasures to be explored.

Here are our top 5 hidden gems you must check out:

1         Foodie – Shave Ice – A Hawaiian favourite after a long day of chilling at the beach. This combination of shaved ice and colourful fruity syrups is a hit with both visitors and locals. Available in most neighbourhood stores, foodie lovers can add either azuki beans or ice cream to the bottom of this delicious treat. Shaved snow is another popular local delight. These are created from frozen yoghurt and come in flavours ranging from mango to green tea to Piña Colada.

2         Memorial Day Ceremony – Lantern Floating Hawai‘i – This Annual event held on Memorial Day on O’ahu’s south shore brings together over 40,000 people on the beach and thousands around the world joining in via live streaming and broadcasts. The ceremony celebrates and honours loved ones who have past. Visitors can personalise a lantern with words and images of their choice, the lanterns are then placed into the ocean creating a picturesque scene that will never be forgotten.

3         Beach – Pu‘u Pehe Cove, Lāna‘i’s – Also known as ‘Sweetheart Rock’, one of Lāna‘i’s most recognisable landmarks. Pu‘u Pehe is located approximately 150 feet offshore between M’nele Bay and Hulopo‘e Bay. After a day admiring the stunning views, visitors can head to Hulopo‘e Bay, where the pristine beauty earned it the title of America’s best beach in 1997 by Dr. Stephen Leatherman (Dr. Beach). This breathtaking expanse of pearl-white sand and crystal blue waters welcomes snorkellers, surfers and body boarders, as well as those wanting a gentle swim.

4         Activity – Hilo Farmer’s Market – There’s no better way to experience the amazing cultural diversity of Hawai‘i than at Hilo Farmer’s Market located on the Big Island of Hawai‘i. The market offers a number of delicacies; from locally grown fruits and vegetables used in Hawai‘i regional cuisine to exotic varieties including dragon fruit. The market also has a range of food stalls with interesting varieties of prepared foods including Korean Kimchi, Filipino lumpia (fritters) and of course, Hawaiian poi. Visitors can not only purchase delicious food, the market is a great place to pick up handmade artwork and unique gifts to take home to loved ones.

5         Culture –  Polynesian Cultural Centre – Located to the North of O‘ahu, the Polynesian Cultural Centre encompasses all things Polynesian where guests can visit authentic villages and interact with natives from six Pacific cultures including Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti and of course Hawai‘i. The center features Hawai‘i’s most authentic L’au, visitors can enjoy traditional Hawaiian cuisine as well as taking part in native dancing and rituals. Other activities guests can be involved in include wood and tiki carving, cooking demonstrations and canoe tours.

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About Hawai‘i:
Hawai‘i is on the North Pacific Ocean and its eight major islands extend some 1,500 miles (2,400km). O‘ahu is the largest Island, with a population of 953,207 and Honolulu is the largest city in Hawai‘i, home to 387,170 of O‘ahu’s people. The total population of Hawai‘i is estimated to be 1,362,184. The climate is tropical but it experiences many different climates, depending on altitude and weather. The main entry point to this part of the world is Honolulu International Airport.

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