Hotel Moustache Transformed in Mallorca

Interior Hotel Moustache
Interior Hotel Moustache

PRESS RELEASE: English businessman Mark Worthington beautifully restores XVth century tower house into exclusive boutique hotel based in Alcúdia, Mallorca.

MALLORCA: The luxury Hotel Can Mostatxins (Hotel Moustache) is located in the historic walled town of Alcúdia just 30 metres from the main square making it the ultimate accommodation. In-keeping with its original gothic style, the hotel has been transformed into the perfect location for those looking for a relaxing, indulgent holiday experience.

Hotel Moustache features nine completely unique yet equally luxurious rooms and is the only boutique within the walls of Alcúdia to feature a magnificent spa pool, creating the perfect fusion between its original traditional styling and modern state-of-the-art furnishings.

Hotel Moustache
Hotel Moustache

Imagine sipping a Palo soaking up the backdrop of traditional Mallorcan history, while being surrounded by the opulent décor and breathtakingly beautiful design of the XVth Century Tower House. By taking a small stroll back to the room, you can appreciate the glass walkways, luxurious en-suite bathroom, WiFi, satellite TV, fridge, phone, safe, tea & coffee making facilities and blackout window blinds providing ultimate privacy.

Complete thought and careful consideration has been put into the planning of Hotel Moustache, developed by the Worthington family who have been living and working in the region around Alcúdia and Pollenca, on the island of Mallorca for over 30 years.

Peter Worthington, was offered the house known as Can Mastatxins in Alcúdia Old Town in 2009. Son Mark says;
“It is not often within business or life that you are offered the opportunity to take on a project which will define your ability and success and deliver a lasting legacy. Mostatxins is Majorcan for Moustache, and folk law says the original owner of the manor house sported a famous wax moustache.”

The house contains many stunning and unique historical features, such as a wine vat, which predates the house, a 15th century tower and a large courtyard cut out of the sandstone sitting 20 metres below ground. Hotel Moustache have strived to keep as many of these original features as possible.

The local Mayor and Council have oversaw the project,and there has been keen interest from the people of Alcúdia, who are excited at the prospect of their town being home to such an exciting project, injecting glamour into Alcúdia whilst remaining true to the towns historical theme.


Mark who has 45 years of experience in the hotel industry adds; “There has been keen interest from the people of Alcúdia, who are excited at the prospect of the Moustache House opening its doors and joining the business community for the town. We are honoured to have been able to deliver this project!”


PR Account Manager – Nadia Mahmood –

Peter Worthington (born 1937) has over 45 years experience in the hotel industry. After leaving St Georges school at the age of 14 with no formal qualifications, he completed an engineering apprenticeship in Manchester before joining the Royal Engineers Army Corps at the age of 20. He completed a 2 year tour of duty on Christmas Island in the Pacific during the nuclear testing in the late 50s and after leaving the army applied for an Engineering job in Ghana, West Africa. He moved in 1959 but the company closed 6 months after he arrived in Accra, so rather than come home he joined Intercontinental Hotels as a Hotel Engineer, in Takkaradi. He excelled and rose through their ranks over the next 15 years to become Vice president of Engineering for Central and Southern America based at the Pan-Am building in New York with the family living on the Island of Curacao off the cost of Venezuela. On his return to England in 1974 Peter set up a refrigeration and air-conditioning business, working in the retail and hotel industry, which he grew over the coming 30 years eventually floating it on the stock market in 2006, before retiring the following year at the age of 70.

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