Discover nature with style – Top 5 Glamping spots in Ontario

Courtesy of WildExodus
Courtesy of WildExodus

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Combining glamour and camping, glamping is the new trend for those wanting to experience nature and wildlife without sacrificing comfort. With its varied landscape and vast natural wilderness, Ontario is the perfect destination for the ultimate glamping experience.  Here are our top 5 spots to discover the great outdoors in style:

1. Yurt Camping in Bruce Peninsula National Park

Situated in the heart of a World Biosphere Reserve, the site is kitted out with 10 yurts distributed along the shore of Cyprus Lake to accommodate its guests.  These semi-permanent canvas structures provide comfortable sleeping and relaxation areas while offering an immersion into the natural surrounding: visitors can enjoy hiking, bird watching and many more exciting adventures in the Park.  Available from mid-May to mid-October.

2. Wilderness Suites Luxury Glamping – Long Point Eco-Adventures

Located in the Norfolk County, Wilderness Suites offer a hotel service combined with the amazing view of Long Point Bay. The site is equipped with everything you need to enjoy your camping experience, including private and double suites, hot and cold water, hardwood floors and an activities concierge.

Image courtesy of WildExodus
Image courtesy of WildExodus

3. WildExodus

WildExodus offers a glamping retreat in the vast Boreal Forest, Northern Ontario. Visitors can interact with nature and learn about Ontario’s wilderness without having to give up on comfortable sleeping, as well we being provided with fully-guided adventures and activities such as trekking, water sports and fishing.  A fun activity to take part in is the ‘Glamping Taster Trip’. This is a unique introduction to the world of glamping, with a 2-night stay to help you reconnect with nature. Other experiences include: ‘Glamping Timmins’ which recreates a socio-cultural experience, and ‘Glamping High Adventure’, a 6-night stay in a prospector tent as well as activities such as a visit to Wawaitin Falls and paddling in the Mattagami River.

4. Oakwood Escapes

Oakwood Escapes accommodate guests in traditional prospector style tents built onto raised wooden decks, complete with handmade furniture. This glamping site offers a variety of activities including: testing your orientation and navigation skills in the Oakwood Forest, learning the basics of canoeing and also the opportunity to relax with some yoga or by taking advantage of the onsite Spa service in the comfort of your private tent.

5.  Misabi Adventure Company

Experience the perfect eco-friendly glamping retreat: hidden in the mysterious Temagami region of Ontario. Settled in a unique atmosphere, on the shores of Lake Obabika, this glamping site offers visitors the perfect combination of eco-adventure and camping. Activities include canoeing, fishing, hiking, bird watching and photography. Guests will be spoiled with gourmet Canadian food, whilst having the adventure of a lifetime.

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Image courtesy of WildExodus
Image courtesy of WildExodus

About Ontario       

The province of Ontario is located in east-central Canada and is bordered by the Canadian provinces of Manitoba to the west and Quebec to the east, and five U.S. states to the south. With a population of more than 13 million, Ontario is home to one in three Canadians and is one of Canada’s largest provinces, covering more than one million square kilometres (415,000 square miles). Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is Canada’s largest city. It is also the commercial, industrial and financial centre of Canada. Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is also located in Ontario. Ontario is home to 400,000 lakes and contains one-third of the world’s fresh water.

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