Volunteer, Discover and Travel

Lions of South Africa
Lions of South Africa


Volunteer, Discover and Adventure your way through rural South Africa

Zululand, South Africa – Global Handprints helps the communities in rural South Africa that get forgotten by the big organisations – the people, animals and landscapes.

We are proud to announce the launch of our Volunteer Road Trips; a new and inspirational way to combine volunteer work in South Africa with off-roading, discovery and adventure travel.

According to Kristalina Georgieva, a director at the World Bank, ecotourism and cultural tourism, both closely related to volunteer trips, are the fastest-growing segments of the global travel industry; 35% of adults said they would like to try a holiday involving a voluntourism component. Global Handprints’ Volunteer Road Trips are designed to meet the needs of these everyday people who want to become Global Citizens. Their actions contribute towards building the values and practices of this emerging world community through experiencing and being actively involved in other cultures, while being on holiday and gaining from new encounters.

“In the wake of natural disasters and ongoing media coverage of everyday struggles in different countries and cultures, people around the world want to spend their time in a meaningful way, helping others,” says Global Handprints Director, Lottie Reeves. Our two week Volunteer Road Trips journey through rural South Africa, offering people of all ages, backgrounds, careers and skillsets the chance to spend time in local communities.

Each itinerary comprises:
* Volunteering at a variety of projects including education, animal welfare, agriculture and community development (50%),
* Cultural experiences including cooking a Zulu meal for local families, grass mat making and visiting traditional healers (20-30%),
* Adventure activities ranging from horse riding to scuba diving and helicopter rides (20-30%).

Note to Editors: Global Handprints is a small social enterprise registered in the UK and currently assisting projects in rural South Africa. Our social mission is to inspire people to recognise their potential both at home, within their local community and in a wider, international context; empower them to achieve this and to evolve locally established projects and services to meet the needs of their communities. Operating as a Social Enterprise means we pledge to invest towards our social purpose, enabling projects and communities around the world to evolve and develop. Further details can be found online; www.globalhandprints.co.uk.

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